In the illustrations below, you will find more expansive portfolios and narratives of larger projects my clients have requested.  You may find something here which meets a need of yours.

Storefront repairs and facelift

A local business owner in Papillion needed the front of their building refurbished after years of water infiltration had damaged the wood fascia because of a bad water seal.  The top fascia was removed, and completely rebuilt using fiber cement board instead of wood to provide many years of low maintenance service.  A new weather seal was built to protect the new fascia and to keep moisture from entering the building.

Basement water problem resolved

The homeowner was experiencing regular flooding in the basement with water entering through the same areas after heaving rains.  A local basement waterproofing company quoted approximately $12,000 to install a water removal system inside the basement to capture and remove the incoming water.  After carefully examining the problem, we determined there were multiple breaches where water was entering from a deteriorated patio area, in addition to poor drainage on the north, front face of the house behind the landscaping.  With removal and replacement of the patio, in addition to improved grading and drainage on the north side, the water problem was resolved at approximately half the cost, for about $6,000.

Attic Ductwork Redesign

Upgrade and insulation

Homeowner of 2-story house was experiencing summer temperature variances in second story of 10-15 degrees warmer than lower level.  Resolution:  Upgraded 6" flexible duct with 6" rigid metal duct with two layers of insulation around pipe to maintain temperature & consistent air flow.  Re-insulated attic with blown-in Owens Corning fiberglass for an R-60 value.  Two story house now has temperatures on 1st & 2nd levels within 1-2 degrees of each other.